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Current Trail Notices

7/11/24: The parking lot at Smith Bridge will be closed for improvements July 11 & 12th. The Entrance to the Noyes parking lot is also closed for reconstruction.  We will update this notice when the parking area and entrance are once again available to the public.

4/2: Our trails are once again experiencing "mud season" conditions. The trails are not closed, but we ask you to use caution and have a back up hike plan. If your boot makes a muddy print, please stay off the trails. Be respectful of all recreating and carry in/carry out including dog waste.

3/21: All of the trails previously closed at Witts Trail and the connection with Shepard's Farm Preserve are open.  All trails at both areas are now open and are fully accessible to hike to one another. 

3/19: Please abide by the following rule:  if you can see footprints, stay off the trails. Our parking lots are also experiencing mud season, use caution, and have a back-up plan for your recreation if the parking lot you arrive at is in bad shape. The parking lot at Noyes Mountain Preserve is currently CLOSED, the trails are open, but use caution when parking elsewhere to walk up. If you see anything we should know about, fill out a Trail Report Form.

3/15: Logging project near the Witts trail is still active.  Currently you can hike the whole loop from the Pleasant Street Parking area, but you cannot hike from the loop to Shepard's Farm Preserve. We will post when the access is re-opened.


1/2/24: Trail are open: Our trails have been been cleared since the December weather event, however, there may still be lingering downed trees near or off trails.  Please use caution.  All preserves are in good shape with the exception of Witts Swamp where we suggest caution due to drainage erosion.  Noyes Preserve Parking lot is closed for the season, the trails are still open.  Please use caution in parking lots due to unpredictable freeze/thaw cycles at this time.  

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